What is a building notice?

You can apply for building regulations approval from your Local Authority’s Building Control Service by giving a building notice. In this application plans are not required, so it’s quicker and less detailed than the full plans application. It is designed to enable some types of building work to get underway quickly; although it is perhaps best suited to small work.

If you decide to use this procedure you need to be confident that the work will comply with the Building Regulations or you will risk having to correct any work you carry out if your Local Authority requests this. In this respect you do not have the protection provided by the approval of ‘full plans.’

Once you have given your building notice and informed your Local Authority that you are about to start work, the work will be inspected as it progresses. You will be advised by the authority if the work does not comply with the Building Regulations. If before the start of work, or while work is in progress, your Local Authority requires further information such as structural design calculations or plans, you must supply the details requested.

A building notice is valid for three years from the date the notice was given to the Local Authority, after which it will automatically lapse if the building work has not commenced.

A Local Authority is not required to issue a completion certificate under the building notice procedure, and because no full plans are produced it is not possible to ask for a determination if your Local Authority says your work does not comply with the Building Regulations.