Principal Designer

“Projects where more than one contractor is involved (domestic or non-domestic) must appoint a principal designer and principal contractor & require a health and safety file.”

Choosing the right Architect for your project has never been more important. Recent changes in CDM Regulations 2015 mean the position of CDM co-ordinator has been removed & now the Client & Principal Designer hold many more responsibilities. As the client it is your responsibility to ensure the competency of those you appoint. Getting the right people for the job means your designers & your contractors need to have the skills, knowledge and experience to identify, reduce and manage health and safety risks.

A principal designer is required to plan, manage and coordinate the planning & design work. Appoint them as early as possible so they can help you gather information about the project & ensure that the designers have done all they can to check that it can be built safely. Aspire Architects are an experienced team of designers and technicians who can take your project from inception through to onsite completion whilst offering services such as Principal Designer & Project Manager.