Somerford Community Partnership

We had been involved over 4 years with a planning application for a development on a site in Somerford. Following previous failed proposals, we were asked to work with the applicant to try and move matters forward and to that end we insisted on using local architects and with knowledge of the area.

It was agreed with the applicant and Aspire that a resident based “design team” be formed so that input for the design would come from the local residents. From this we finally ended up with what we believed “was exactly what would fit comfortably into the area”.

Aspire listened not only to our concerns and thoughts for the design but also explained why some design aspects would not work and which was very helpful to the inexperienced team that we were. They kept us informed at all times and were invaluable at the organised public consultation.

At all times we were kept in the “loop” when he was corresponding with his client and this too was great as we knew at all times what was happening.

The client was delighted to have got a very positive feedback from the planning committee and so were we “the design team/Somerford Community Partnership and especially as the previous 4 years had been quite traumatic for some of the residents of the area.

As a result of the great outcome of the scheme we are now looking forward to working with Aspire on the next scheme and which is very soon and hopefully on further schemes which are in the pipeline.