Christchurch Police Station

We have been selected as the chosen Architect to work with Aster homes to redevelop the site of the former magistrates’ court, police station, car parks and disused land. The exciting development will bring a combination of new homes, retail space and retirement living. The scheme will be a traditional style of architecture using a combination of brick render and stone, taking inspiration from local buildings.
The site was identified for redevelopment over a decade ago by Christchurch Borough Council as it provides a strong gateway to the town centre. Our proposed retail space will give Christchurch shopping area a boost and provide a frontage more in keeping with the site’s prominent location.
Our early proposals include over 100 new homes for Christchurch in a range of different tenures, including affordable homes in compliance with local policy. We look forward to working on the site, as a local company it means a great deal to us to be involved. We are hoping to submit an application late summer but will keep you updated on how things are going.